“You Know … We Could Have Revival Here!”

“You Know … We Could Have Revival Here!”

I have longed for an outpouring of God’s Spirit on Chaffee County, haven’t you? I have asked for it, you have asked for it, but it hasn’t happened. Is it the preacher that is hindering revival? Or should we blame the church family? Or, is it just Chafee County? What keeps the Hand of God from moving freely here?

Wouldn’t it be great to see the House of God full — Full of people, full of praise, full of provision, full of plenty, full of Pentecost?

What is the answer?

Prayer … Prayer and Fasting … A deep Concern for the Lost. A Passion for Jesus, and a Passion for People … A deepening hunger to see a move of God … A unity in the Body that says, WE’RE GOING TO …  

    • P.U.S.H (Pray Until Something Happens) 
    • Travail — As a woman does before her baby comes 
    • Fast — Taking prayer to a deeper level
    • Repent — Yes Christians need to repent, too!
    • Renew our Pentecostal relationship with the Holy Spirit
    • Expect great things to happen = FAITH!
    • See “Togetherness’”— A great desire to succeed  in seeing revival

I recently read of a revival breaking out in a little community of 800 in Georgia. Their church is now running an average of 400, but their Sunday night service averages 6-700! That is over 50% of the size of the community! BUT their pastor wasn’t the only one fasting and praying. Many of the church family took on the challenge of fasting and praying. Towards the end of this 21-day fast, God’s Spirit led him to go to the baptismal tank. There he saw the tank filled with water. On the top of the water he saw a flame of fire that burned continually on the water. God’s Spirit spoke to him. “Since you have prepared your hearts, I will now pour My Spirit out on you.”  From that time on they have been in an amazing revival.

Would you join me in a heartfelt seeking of God to send an unprecedented revival, where backsliders return, where “Puny Pentecostals” who profess Pentecost, but don’t practice Pentecost, get down to God’s business and get something done for the Kingdom of God??

Together, We Will Find Revival,

Pastor Stan