“You Have So Much to Give!”

“You Have So Much to Give!”

You are a very rich person! Every single person who reads this column is an amazing person. I am convinced that, You Have So Much To Give! You are a person of value, with a rich background. Your lifetime of experience has made you a better person than when you were an infant in your mother’s arms. You were helpless then, without a thing to give away. People looked at you in your infancy and were amazed at the promise you represented. They may have thought, “This babe could be the next President of the United States!” 

Now look at yourself! You didn’t become the President of the U.S., but you are still a person of great wealth and value. You’re a wealth of experience. You’ve walked through tragedy, pain, and sorrow. You’ve lived with failure, yet you endured. You have also experienced moments of great triumph and joy. Many of you have married, and you have children and grandchildren.

You may be wondering, “Are you talking about me? I’m nothing special! I haven’t accomplished much.” Oh yes, you have! You have something to give away. You just have to find out how to give it away.

I have an idea. You could get on your knees and pray for those around you! Your family needs and deserves your prayers. Your neighbors need your prayers and smiles. I believe you could find a family member, or someone that would be blessed, if they knew you would really listen to them and understand what they are going through. It doesn’t cost a thing to listen, ask a few questions, and give them some encouraging words.

It’s called “Reaching out.” One of my sons uses this phrase a lot in his chosen vocation. He’s always reaching out to someone. He understands others have great value, if he consults with them.

So, I encourage you to give away two things. Engage someone in conversation. Listen to them. Listen more than you talk. Then make them a promise, “I’m going to pray about what you said.” Then really pray for them. There you have it! You’ve given yourself to others.

Isn’t that simple, yet so meaningful?

Pastor Stan