“Yikes! What’s Going to Happen Now?”

“Yikes! What’s Going to Happen Now?”

I remember when the year 2000 rolled around.  Everything was panic mode! It was a great money maker for computer programmers! “You’re going to have to buy a new computer or an extensive program to switch your computer over to a new century.”

“Oh, woe is me … 2000 will bring an end to the world!”  Do you remember that hysteria? What a bunch of crock! We basically walked into 2000 seamlessly.

But Pastor, you don’t understand. We have a President that everyone (well 50% or more) hates, and now we have a Democratic House of Representatives, and they are the majority and they are going to impeach Trump, and … and … we will never get a border wall built … and …

I’m reminded of similar panic moments with the disciples.  Picture this: They were on the Sea of Galilee with a mega storm happening. It was an epic storm! These men spent their childhoods on the water. Fishing on the sea was their life style, but indeed, it was the Mother of all Storms. As they switched into panic mode, Jesus was lying in the boat, sound asleep. “Master, we are going to die out here! This storm …” I can see Jesus sitting up, looking around with an amused smile on His Face, saying, “Peace Be Still!” Just like that all, was still and calm on what had been troubled waters.

Relax folks! Change is inevitable. There is nothing we can do about it, except pray. Politics? God’s handling it! Persecution for Christians? Jesus has our back! Health issues? Jesus already paid for your healing. Doubts? Tell them to Jesus! 

As We Walk into 2019, “Peace Be Still!”

Pastor Stan