I am sure all of us are amazed at the amount of hatred and strife that we see in USA today. There is an overwhelming sense that something has gone wrong in our beloved homeland.

Examples:  Why does Portland, Oregon seem to be a hotbed of hatred and violence? Why has wonderful California, with so many wonderful people in the state, become a hotbed of homelessness, where people leave feces on the street, and drug paraphernalia lying in parks where curious young kids can pick it up? Why has New York City become a hotbed for crazies? Such a beautiful city, but it is becoming fearsome to ride the subway. Why do I see people standing in front of “pot shops” in Chaffee County, yelling like lunatics at passers-by in their cars? Why do we have to have security teams inspect the bottom of our cars as we drive into a grocery store in Narok, Kenya? Why do we see so many lonely people lying in a rehab center for over 30 days, with very few people ever coming to visit? They are so bored, morose, and wishing they could go home to Heaven. Politics in USA?  Such hatred, lies, graft, and corruption! Why does a Christian baker in Denver keep winding up in court, because he refuses to bake a cake for two people of the same sex declaring they want to get married, when it violates his conscience as a man of God?

I’m sure you wonder with me, as we have senseless slaughters of people in Texas, Ohio, Las Vegas, etc. How about the driver of a tour bus in Las Vegas who openly wept to Gevena and me over his 18 year old daughter who had a full ride scholarship to a university. She was approached to go into prostitution where she could make half a million dollars per year for five years. She would only be 23 when she quit prostitution. “Then you can live like a queen the rest of your life, rather than slave for a living!” reasoned the pimp who had approached her. Why would she even consider that, knowing she was raised in a Christian home? Why, why, why? Honestly, my “Whys” are moving me to tears.

My answers are shorter than my “Whys.”  

  • Rebellion against God’s Laws and dictates of the Bible has turned people over to a reprobate mind.
  • A weak Church (worldwide), who is refusing to weep over these “Whys,” is partially to blame. People who go to church only once a week, refusing to spend some time weeping over the lostness of our world. Some who believe they are Pentecostals, yet never intercede in the Holy Spirit prayer language.
  • Caught up in “Me-ism.” “It’s all about ME. I’m so busy. I’ve got to do this and that,” while we see our own family members rebel from the way they were raised.

I urge you, begin to be an agent of change! PRAY!

Weep over the “Whys” in your life and world!

Pastor Stan