“Why Do the Heathen Rage?”

“Why Do the Heathen Rage?”

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When we pastored Northside A/G in Colorado Springs in the ’80’s, little did we know we would someday meet the future pastors of the same church! We were delightfully surprised earlier this year to learn they live only about a block from us.  The Davis’ pastored Family Worship Center (formerly called Northside Assembly) for 16 years, and they have now become our good friends. They are wonderful Spirit filled ministers. I know you will enjoy their ministry today.

Why do the Heathen Rage?”

In Psalm 2, the question is asked, “Why do the Heathen Rage?” God then begins to answer the question in this Psalm 2.

Who are the heathen? “One who does not believe in the God of the Bible.” Further clarifying this definition, Psalm 2 says, They imagine vain things — they include kings of the earth and rulers, who take counsel against God and His Anointed. They break away the cords and restraints that the Almighty has thrown in our paths to hold us back from damning ourselves. They rage against: The Bible, God’s Moral Law, and His 10 Commandments.  Does this sound like 2019?

Old Testament prophet, Elijah said to the wicked King Ahab, “I have not troubled Israel. But thou, and thy father’s house, in that you have forsaken the commandments of God.” 

A modern example of this rebellious nature: “I would not walk across the street to speak to the God of the Old Testament!” I have heard people claim, “The first part of Genesis is a myth.”

God asks a very serious question, “Can a throne of destruction be allied with You, one which devises mischief by decree?” Ps. 94:20 

The heathen who are raging place their fingers in their ears, and wag their tongues, for they refuse to listen to anyone who might raise the Name of Jesus.  They have calloused hearts, deaf ears, and hardened spirits.  They refuse to receive instruction from God’s Word, His prophets (preachers) or godly people. The rage is demonically inspired. There is a great fear on satan’s part that some will listen and turn towards the Love of God which is so freely offered.    

How could a loving God hate LGBTQ? Why is there so much pain and suffering? Who cares? Today I party and live life to the fullest. Tomorrow? Maybe I will come to Jesus then … but He is dead!

What is the answer? How do we cope with that? Be loving, listening, friendly, caring, displaying the character of Jesus. Refuse to be hardened by the mindset of those raging in their evil. There is hope! There are Holy Spirit convictions that we can plead with God to send on those who are heathen.

The Final Chapter Has Not Yet Been Fulfilled!

Pastor Stan