“Who is the Holy Spirit Throwing in Your Path?”

“Who is the Holy Spirit Throwing in Your Path?”

I was on a plane flying back from Phoenix when I met “John.” There are occasions when you are just prompted to initiate a conversation. Much of the time I say little to nothing on a plane, but this time was different. After an initial “Howdy,” I was anointed with the spirit of “Blab.” I just started talking. I told John about my sons and the grandkids. I just went on and on. Why did I tell him all that? It was the Holy Spirit relaxing the guy so I would have an audience. Sometimes you just have to talk enough to gain an audience … not that I was seeking one … but you know when the Holy Spirit takes over you don’t think anymore, you just “DO.” Have you ever been there?

John (fictitious name) started talking and I shut up. “I’m really excited about getting married … but we are taking our time.” My reply:  “Well that’s good, because you don’t really know what a person is like until you have spent enough time with them to really know their character under stress.”

Then my hearing sort of faded, as he revealed he was “gay” = homosexual, but it didn’t dawn on me what the guy had said … again, Holy Spirit inspired selective hearing. (Yes, I believe the Holy Spirit can block your hearing.)  So, I was hearing again, and he told me how proud he was of his job. I asked him who was going to pick him up, noting he was going to freeze, since he was wearing shorts, and a T shirt, going from 72 degree temperature to 12 degrees. “No I won’t; my partner will pick me up. I’m so excited to see him.” (Now things were starting to click with me.) Oh, this guy was homosexual.  He had revealed his shame, his desire to go to church, but no church wanted him … but still, all that he was telling me wasn’t clicking.

The conversation lulled, but I had this app on my phone that is a witnessing tool  I seldom use it, but I was really prompted to share it. So I did. I told John that good isn’t good enough, and salvation is a free gift but it does have strings attached. He was listening intently, and the Holy Spirit was taking over at this point. “Yes, you see, when you come to Jesus, you get the greatest opportunity you will ever have in life. When Jesus’ blood cleanses you, you can start over, as if if everything you ever did in life that is shameful is forgotten, because Jesus’ blood has washed it away.  But, John, I want you to know, God requires of you that you go and sin no more.”  (John’s reaction was visible.)  “The Good News is, He will help you to straighten up and live as if you take on the very qualities that we admire so much in God.”

John was getting very fidgety at this point. The Holy Spirit gave me no more to say. As John exited the plane hurriedly, I yell out, “Hey John, I will be praying for you!”  What will be the outcome of the conversation? I haven’t the foggiest idea. I will tell you this. John heard the Word from the Holy Spirit! Did I do right? Yes, I was just engaging with the Holy Spirit. He only asks me now to pray for John!

Don’t be afraid to open your mouth,

and allow the Holy Spirit to speak!

Pastor Stan