“When the Roof Falls in …”

“When the Roof Falls in …”

Over the last 48 hours (written on 1/5/19) lots of “stuff” has happened: One of our elderly ladies fell and broke a hip, a gentleman associated with the church family is in a difficult position, the church had frozen/broken pipes and furnaces that didn’t work, and that is a real mess. Henry Montoya was removing snow at the church with his tractor. He had a flat tire. Then the battery on his tractor went bad, and he doesn’t feel as strong as he used to …

All these unexpected things — What shall we do with them and how shall we react to them?

First of all, I would say there are many such moments in our lives in a single year! You’re not being picked on … Tuff stuff just happens! Most, no not most, ALL of our Bible heroes have had moments of tuff stuff, including Jesus!

What shall we do?

  • Relax and ask for the Lord’s peace. “My peace I give        to you,” said Jesus.
  • Ask for the Holy Spirit’s direction on what to do.
  • Give God a praise, for it could have been worse.
  • Ask for more peace.
  • Plow into the problem. Hit it face on. Remember, Jesus has your back.
  • Just tackle it one step at a time.
  • Ask for His wisdom and guidance.
  • Remember His words: “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

… and then what? A couple of months from now when you have regained your perspective, you’ll realize God was with you. You’ll know He directed your steps, and gave you a way through the tuff stuff!

It’s Going to Be OK!

Pastor Stan