What’s it Like to Go on a Missions Trip to Africa?

What’s it Like to Go on a Missions Trip to Africa?

I hardly know where to begin with a question like that. I could reply, “Go with us and find out,” but that’s not the best answer. IF you feel pushed, as if God’s Holy Spirit is directing you, and there is no way that you can ignore that God’s Holy Spirit is directing you, then you should speak to Pastor Stan or Pastor Gevena and hear what they might say to you.

A missions trip to Africa will assault your physical senses and give you a very weary body! Imagine 10+ hours on an airplane, then a possible 8+ hour layover, then another 8+ hour plane ride. You can’t sleep on an airplane? Well then, imagine your exhaustion on arrival in Africa, plus another 6 hours of vehicle travel deep into the bush.

You’re greeted by happy Africans singing in Swahili, with friendly hugs and the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen. Then you wonder, “Where’s the bathroom?” to be greeted by a squatty hole in the ground, or if you’re blessed, an outdoor “choo” = toilet. Where to sleep? A tent, if you’re blessed. Wild animals? Yep! You’ll hear them all night long! Strange smells of un-groomed bodies. Bugs? Four inches long, at times; oh, and many are not nice!

The food? Strange, different, but edible … most of the time. “Don’t brush your teeth in that water! You’ll get diarrhea! Wash your hands! Don’t rub your eyes. Keep your hands away from your mouth!”

Why then would you want to go? Because every one on Planet Earth should hear the Gospel at least once! Because the, “GO!” of the Great Commission must not be ignored! “I can’t preach!” That’s okay, because Africans love to hear you just talk about Jesus. The African smile is unlike any smile you’ve ever seen — So genuine, so excited! Harsh? Well, it is rather harsh when an African offers, no begs, you to take their child and give them a good life in the USA, because they are too poor to keep the child! Dangerous? Very, but as an Ambassador for Jesus Christ, we have never lost a team member in Africa!

Is it worth it? Will you have ministry to do? Yes! & Yes! Will you come back worn out? Yes! Will you ever quit talking about the trip you took to Africa? No! The joy you experience praying for people, seeing them healed, blessed, and saved … it’s the most life changing, like altering thing you will ever do. When you come back you will kneel down and kiss the tarmac at the airport saying, “Thank God for the USA!”

I Am Ready to be Spent for the Cause of Christ!

Pastor Stan Rutkowski