“What’s Church Going to be Like in 10 Years?”

“What’s Church Going to be Like in 10 Years?”

Today I was asked this question: What do you think Salida Living Waters Church will look like in 10 years? Further questions: How do you see the USA Church 10 years from now? Will the USA Church have to compromise even more to stay in existence 10 years from now? Will your grandkids be in leadership in the local church in 10 years, or do you think they will abandon the values and the Bible by then? These are questions we ought to be thinking about as the current generation of leadership.

Then I look at my grandkids and imagine them 10 years from now and wonder: What will they be like in 10 years? Humm! What will they be like? Will they be leaders in the Church? Will they still serve God? I can imagine them this way: If they were homeschooled and raised by devoted Christian parents … YES, they will be aggressively motivated to serve Jesus and lead in the future. Will they have some rough patches between now and then? Biggest hurdle: After they leave home and they are on their own, what will they choose to do with their life? I can see some of them getting an education of some sorts and placing God at the helm of their lives as # 1. I visualize their future as one of trying to find a suitable spouse who is Christian and sold out for Jesus. That will be their biggest challenge. I see several of them in full-time ministry. I see others on the front line in their churches, serving and living for Jesus joyfully. Do I see any possibility of failure for them? If they come to a point in their lives where Jesus is not #1, and they get caught up in the trap of acquiring “things” rather than Jesus, I’m not so hopeful.

You may ask, “What does this have to do with the original question of what will the Church look like in 10 years?” It depends on parents who are raising their kids through the stormy teen years. Are they putting Christ #1 in their lives? Are they on their knees daily, interceding for the future of their loved children? Are they living a life of excitement in serving Jesus? It depends on the value system of this generation’s parents. It depends on how dedicated we are to the things of God.

There is another factor:  Will Jesus come back to rapture His Saints in the next 10 years? I believe so. I am not setting any dates. Personally, I believe Jesus could come today. IF He does, the Church will be thriving in Heaven. Physical buildings? Who will need them!

Lord Jesus, come quickly! I know Your Church has a magnificent future. I believe great things are going to happen! 

Pastor Stan