“Whatcha Gonna GIVE for Christmas? Whatcha Gonna GET for Christmas?”

“Whatcha Gonna GIVE for Christmas? Whatcha Gonna GET for Christmas?”

Those questions seem to weigh heavy on our minds right now, don’t they? Do you have it all figured out? Let’s see — Kids, grandkids, great grandkids … oh! Don’t forget spouses! And the boss, and …

To help aid you with answers to these questions, we find TV ads, internet ads, and the prophets of doom and gloom, like those who claimed, “I will have Covid cured in a few months.” Yet, their solutions have created more chaos and more questions than answers and solutions.

Have you sent your Christmas cards yet? Really? You haven’t? Somewhere in all these questions, which amounts to “white noise” that distracts us from what Christmas is all about, I think we need a big reset!

A Big Reset will Require:

  • No talk of politics or watching news 24-7 — Give yourself a break. The newscasters are not worthy of your attention.
  • Becoming preoccupied with the Good News of the Gospel — Let us re-read the Christmas story and find interesting unknown facts that speak to our spirit.
  • Let us celebrate the birth of our Savior — Declare to everyone, “Merry Christmas!” and avoid such bland neutral statements like, “Happy Holidays.”
  • Let us ask the Holy Spirit, “Who has real needs that I can bless this Christmas?”
  • Give Jesus the biggest gift of all! A “YES!” will make Him happy! A new commitment that says, “Lord Jesus, I give you myself as a gift. I am saying, ‘YES!’ to whatever you want of me.” He will be happy with your gift!

Merry Christmas!

Pastor “Stanislaus” & Gevena

Ho – Ho – Ho!!