“What, When, Where, and How?”

“What, When, Where, and How?”

When you don’t know how to answer the questions of “What, When, Where and How?” remember these words:

Isaiah 58:11 — “And the Lord shall guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.”

God’s words are so fresh and anointed everyday. As I was in my time with Jesus today, I came across these words:

LORD” — God is Master of all situations, all crises, all difficulties. There needs to be confidence in the fact that you choose to make God your LORD, and as Lord of your life, you should have peace about the future.

Shall guide you continually” — Be confident of His wonderful care, that as you continue to call Him your LORD, your steps will be ordered by the Lord.

“SATISFY your desire” — God wants you to be content in what is happening.

“In scorched places” — In some ways, our world seems scorched and parched right now. With all that is going on, from drought, politics, evil agendas, fires, etc., it may feel like a scorched earth, BUT …

“…MAKE YOUR BONES STRONG…” — Remember the advice, “Drink your milk, because it will make your bones strong?” I would say, consume God’s words on a daily basis. Then be careful not to become a “constipated Christian” … You know,  what you consume you never give out. Strong bones will help you withstand Satan’s fiery darts. God will help you stand, no matter what you face.

You shall be like a well watered garden” — How wonderful to note that in the middle of parched ground, good care of plants make them bloom and be fruitful.

“Whose waters do not fail” — Oh, how wonderful is this promise!

This would be a great verse to memorize, then rest confidently in what the truth says. As we apply, “What, When, Where and How?” a confidence should burst forth in us. We march boldly forward, even in these scorched times, with the knowledge that our God is making sure that His Kids are going to be well taken care of.

Go Forward in Confidence in Jesus’ Name,

Pastor Stan