“What is this Doing to Our Kids?”

“What is this Doing to Our Kids?”

We were recently talking with a young lady who is a Kindergarten Teacher’s Aid. She had come from a full day of helping in a classroom of 5-6 year-old children.   I mentioned to her that I used to drive a school bus filled with kindergarten children.  It was a memorable job.

I have always loved children. They are so much fun. I love getting on the floor with them and exploring their imaginations. They are so delightful. They have no inhibitions. There is still a shade of innocency in their lives. It is very refreshing to see them look past skin color, or differences between themselves and other kids their own age. I remember when we pastored in New York City, where most of the children were of different ethnicities other than white-Caucasian background. My son, Adam, was one of my Associate Pastors on staff at the church. The church operated a Christian school. At Christmas time, there was a big production for the children. They were singing wonderful songs with such joy. The kids were holding hands with much joy on their faces. Here were our little blond haired grand daughters, holding hands with other children who had black, brown, etc., skin color. What was so great was the fact they were just enjoying their friends.  It was funny, because they were the only white children, but they didn’t know it, and they didn’t care. Sigh! I wish people could get past their skin color and ethnic differences today. People are people. We all bleed red. We all have the same Father God!

Oh, yes, back to my original thought about the Kindergarten Teacher’s Aid.  She was slightly stressed, even as a 22 year old. Why? Because she was observing the kids. She declared, “They may be 5-6 years old, but they have the emotional stability of a 3 year-old.” “Why is that?” I asked her. “Because of the Virus stuff —  Masks, stay at home orders, and not being able to be socially introduced to other people as we have been in normal life. The kids break down and cry over anything and everything.”

What are we doing to our kids? What role models do they have in their homes? Do their parents use the “f-bomb” language in their  everyday talk? Is every other word a cuss/slang word? Do they smoke, drink, watch pornographic movies or TV programs that honor same sex unions? Are they taught to accept anyone’s sexual identity? Do they drink, smoke “whatever” weed? Are the kids given “pot” cookies to eat?

I have other concerns. Where are young families with young children, as far as attendance in church? Do they teach their kids a love for Jesus? Do they bring them to Sunday school and church? Are they taught to sit in a service and experience God’s love and power?

My dear friends, the question for today, “What is this doing to our kids?” begs an answer. Let us mount a daily prayer to our God for the sake of the kids!  Let us be a role model for them!

Pastor Stan