“What I Want to Be When I Grow Up!”

“What I Want to Be When I Grow Up!”

The students of a class of 6-year olds were given an assignment to talk about what they wanted to be when they grew up. One very ambitious 6-year old boy said, “I will be a lion tamer when I grow up! I’ll have 12 really big, very mean lions in the lion cage. When the gate to the cage opens up, I will step in. The lions will roar and show their teeth. I will snap my whip and command them to sit on their stools. Then I will make them jump through the Ring of Fire! Then I will walk up to the biggest and meanest lion of all. I will pry his mouth open and stick my head in his mouth!” The 6-year old students were so astonished at this brave boy who would become a lion tamer. The boy added one more comment, “And of course, I will have my mommy in the cage with me, so she can help me!” This brave, ambitious boy knew exactly what he was doing. As long as Mommy was with him, everything was going to be OK!

That seems like a very good lesson for us Christians, as we may feel like we are entering a 2021 lions’ den. Everything is roaring, screaming, trying to gain our attention and capture our focus. I speak with the confidence of the 6-year old:  “Mommy Earth” won’t be there to protect me, but Father God is walking beside me. “I will fear no evil, for YOU are with me.”

One more story — Back in the 1920’s, a little boy of 9 heard the story of the very deadly “Black Racer Snake.” It was said that these snakes hated children. If a child was running or just playing and that child caught the attention of the snake, the snake would chase them, bite them, and kill them! One day, Mom realized her iron was not getting hot and she wouldn’t be able to iron the clothes. She sent Johnny to go borrow the neighbor’s iron so she could iron Dad’s work clothes!  

The mile-long walk with tall weeds on both sides of the dirt road to the neighbor’s house made the boy very cautious. He strained his eyes, but made it to the neighbor’s house without a snake racing after him. With the iron in hand, the boy started hime. Being careful, but not quite as concerned, suddenly there was a rustle in the weeds. Frightened, the boy began to run. He was soon running for all he was worth! He looked back and there was a black one right at his heels. He ran faster, but the snake seemed to get ever closer! He made it home. As our brave 9-year old looked around he screamed. The snake was right at his heels. His Dad grabbed him and said, “Son, it is just the cord to the iron!”

Many of your fears of the uncertainty of 2021 may have some merit.  However, we have a GREAT BIG FATHER GOD who is standing beside us. He is bigger than your fears, your worries, and …. everything else. Father God is whispering …

 “I will never leave you or forsake you!”

Pastor Stan