“What Gift Can You Give to the One Who Has Everything?”

“What Gift Can You Give to the One Who Has Everything?”

Have you run into that difficulty? Most often it is someone older that we struggle with finding the “perfect gift” for. They’ve already spent a lifetime accumulating stuff, so what do you get that guy, a tie … a new shirt … something to make them laugh, like an amusing toy? Or consider the teen. I often ask the parents of our grandkids, “What do the kids want?” because their idea of what they might like, and my budget are all considerations. For my adult sons, I buy stuff for them that I might like. They are always happy with whatever. My favorite people to give gifts to are the 3-5 year olds. I can give them a cardboard box that I have cut and turned into a tunnel. They are just thrilled with it, abandoning other purchased toys to play in their new cave. I love to get down on the floor and play with them. Then you consider, “What shall I give my spouse?” It’s really difficult to show proper appreciation to your dear spouse, who has made your life so much better. I usually ask, but know I’ll get the same answer, “I don’t know. I don’t need anything.” You know … I actually pray and ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit on that gift!

However, there is one other gift that we often don’t think about too much, but we should. “What can I give Jesus for Christmas?” Now, that gift should create in us considerable care before we give Him something!!!

Your first question should be, “What does He want from me?” The answer?  Jesus wants you to accept His Gift that He gave to you! He gave His life and blood for you on the cross. Imagine, God and Jesus gave all they had. Now, you should respond to that gift, by giving as much as They gave to us. Agreed?

I think I’ll give Jesus the following:  

    • A Surrendered Life where I say, “Lord, not my will but Your will be done in everything I do.”
    • A Satisfied Spirit, where I live in the contentment of where He has planted us in this world. Paul said, “I have learned in whatever state I am therewith to be content.” Philippians 4:11
    • A Selfless Action where I consider others before myself. No one should ever marry if they are more concerned about themselves than their spouse and children born to that union.
    • Spending time listening. What a gift that is — Giving a listening ear! I sometimes have people say, “You’re not talking much.” My response is this:  “Its because I want to hear from you. You need to talk, and I need to listen.”

I’m pretty sure Jesus would be pleased if we gave Him these gifts this Christmas, aren’t you?


It’s the Giving Season!

Pastor Stan