“Welcome, Rev. Mike & Rev. Marigold Cheshier!”

“Welcome, Rev. Mike & Rev. Marigold Cheshier!”

They are marvelous, mighty, courageous warriors in the Kingdom of God.  Their world-wide ministry has been dramatic and far reaching. You will be so blessed to receive their ministry today!

What Is Going To Happen Next?”

2020 has been an incredible year so far. Everything was going fine until the virus crud hit … or was it really going well? For years, America and the world have refused the call of God to repent. Jesus started His ministry by saying these words:  “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand.” Yet, people refused to heed and take action concerning Jesus’ message. A little over three years later, the Jews demanded they crucify Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus went to the cross where they crucified Him, the Son of God.

Move ahead 2000 plus years in your thinking. The call is still going out. “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.” In many respects the spirit of rebellion is as strong today as it has ever been.

I believe the current troubles our world is experiencing is due to the fact of mankind’s refusal to repent. We have perilous fires in California, rioting in many of our major cities. The whole West Coast is under duress. There have been a series of mini earthquakes along the Calaveras Fault in Northern California. That fault line is right on the hillside behind Calvary Assembly in Milpitas, California. The Calvary Assembly was the church we pastored before we moved back to Colorado and accepted the pastorate here at Living Waters Church. Calvary’s facility occupied 25,000 square feet, with 300 parking spaces, and 30+ acres of land. I was praying today for Calvary Assembly. We left a part of our hearts there, because we were their lead pastors for almost 8 years. Calvary Assembly has not held services inside the facility since the virus struck. Imagine that vacant facility with no worship inside the building!

Along with Prophet Habakkuk from the Old Testament, you may be asking, “Why?” and “How long?” I can’t answer those questions. I can tell you this, however: If our world would fall to their knees and repent, the fires, the earthquakes, and the virus, would ease up. (Personal Opinion)

When will we repent for the 42 million babies aborted (killed) in the world in 2019? God is going to hold us responsible as a nation and as the world for the sins that have been committed.

What is going to happen next? Are you ready to meet Jesus? Is your heart right with Jesus? If not, today can be the greatest day of your life, if you come to Jesus today!


Pastor Stan