“Welcome, Pastor Larry & Marilyn Davis!”

“Welcome, Pastor Larry & Marilyn Davis!”

I am so thankful for our friendship with the Davis’s. They pastored the same Assemblies of God church in Colorado Springs that we did, but we pastored that church at least 20 or more years before they did. We are blessed to have them as our guest pastors today.

In case you didn’t know, I had knee revision surgery last Monday. Please pray I recover quickly. We have missions in Africa in May, and other busy things to do in ministry beyond that, as soon as I am mobile.

And, also if you didn’t know, Gevena and I resigned the pastorate at Salida last Sunday. The reason we are leaving is because we feel called by the Holy Spirit to place our full endeavors into World & US Missions. After 25 years in part-time missions, we just felt that we wanted to spend the rest of our healthy active lives that we have been granted doing missions. Our desire is to reach as many people for Jesus as possible, see them discipled, and make Heaven their home.

We understand the feelings you have at this point — Unanswered questions, like, “Who will be our new pastors? What will they be like? How long will we have to wait before we have a pastor again?”, etc., etc.

I don’t know the answers to those questions. My observation is that the Holy Spirit who directed us to leave has already laid on some other pastor’s hearts to be called to Salida, Colorado. They will be different from us, but they will be just the right ones for this season in the history of Living Waters Church. 

We ask for your prayers. We will no longer have any guaranteed income. We simply are stepping out in faith, believing and expecting that if God called us He will provide for us. On May 1 (our final Sunday as your pastors), we will give you an opportunity to give $5, $10, or more a month to God’s Power & Light Ministries, as God leads you. Open your heart to what the Holy Spirit might ask you to do. All donations are tax deductible, just like a church. There is no pressure at all. Do only as the Holy Spirit leads you.

We assure you of our prayers, and we expect to hear great things in your future as a church family.

Together We Serve,

Pastor Stan Rutkowski