“Welcome, Missionary Tim Ligon!”

“Welcome, Missionary Tim Ligon!”

I am always super excited to have a missionary with us at LWAG. They are my/our heroes. Tim is particularly suited to do missions work, as he was raised in a missionary home. We, as a church, support his parents financially in their wonderful missionary ministry. Tim, Eniko, Emma and Joshua will be ministering in Morocco, Africa. Where is Morocco? It is NW Africa.  Their ministry will be training African pastors to carry on the GOOD, GREAT NEWS that God had a Son named Jesus, who was chosen before He was born to die for every human that would ever live. The great news is that Jesus willingly died to redeem mankind,  when they deserved hell for their sins.

Super extra GOOD NEWS! Jesus shed His red blood for all humanity, no matter what their skin color is. The truth is, all humanity bleeds RED. No human being should feel under privileged, nor over looked. The only color that really counts on the face of the earth is the RED blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ blood is the cure for all the unrest and virus crud in our world today.

The Ligon’s family will continue investing in blessing the continent of African people by training them to carry on in ministry. There may very well be a day coming when we can no longer go to Africa and the countries may block us from taking Jesus to them. Our African pastors will be ready to carry on!

How can we pray for our missionaries? 

  • Pray that Jesus will appear in dreams to the believers of Islam, Buddhism, and others, revealing His love to them.  (That happens quite often.)
  • Pray that Jesus will bless the Ligon children with a great love for Jesus.  Prayerfully, we ask God to preserve them from evil, and bless their futures with God’s blessings.
  • We should pray for the health of the family and for traveling mercies, as they experience exposure to malaria ridden mosquitos, disease, evil people, vehicle and road issues, and … 
  • Pray for financial support to give them living expenses, as well as funds for ministry projects.
  • Pray for open country borders, so they can get into Morocco. The “virus crud” has held them back from their calling.
  • Pray for them to have great favor with all of the African people. 

Please note this:  The USA Church has been instrumental in seeing the great work of God established in most people groups of the world. Thank You!

Until the Last One Has Heard!

Pastor Stan