“We Must Do Something!”

“We Must Do Something!”

Today’s headlines, as well as other issues, have brought me to this point of saying, “We Must Do Something!”

I/We must do something, when I read that over 40 gangs in Chicago have worked to reach an agreement to immediately shoot any cops who have a gun drawn!

I/We must do something, when I read the many continuous nights of mob violence in Portland, Oregon, Minneapolis, Boston, New York City, and many other cities of America.

I/We must do something, when we see our kids, grand kids, and great grandkids being robbed of the spiritual inheritance that we gave them as a child growing up. Our family members sat on our laps, declaring their love for Jesus; yet later, their spiritual relationship is such that they may not make Heaven their home!

I/We must do more to see Chaffee County come to Jesus!

You ask, “Yes, Pastor, but what can we do?” Recently, I was asked if I would send a Happy Birthday greeting to an early 20’s young man from our last church, Calvary Assembly in Milpitas (San Jose), California. I was glad to oblige. As I sent Ruben a Happy Birthday greeting, I also asked, “How are you doing Ruben?”  As a young teen, I took some days to take Ruben out bow shooting, as well as to my house to feed him lunch, and to just spend time with him. His Grandma wrote back and shared this priceless testimony. “Oh, Pastor Stan, Ruben is doing so well.  Down through the years, I have taught him to read and memorize verses from the Bible. However, now Ruben has fallen in love with Jesus!” That was just the best news I’ve had concerning one of our boys from our last church.

When I wrote, “I/We” must do something about the items mentioned above, I only give you one thing to do, for the moment. I found this passage as I was reading my Bible this morning. Jesus asked Peter in John 21, “Simon, son of Jonah, do you love ME, more than these?” Jesus is talking about the amazing haul of fishes caught in a fishing net. Jesus had instructed the disciples to cast their net on the right side of the boat. They caught a supernatural load of fish, (153).    After the load was brought to shore, Jesus asked Peter three times, “Do you love ME more than fishing and this load of fish? Jesus was really getting to the core of the issue. “Do you love Me, more than your failures on the night of My trial and crucifixion?” “What are you going to do? Go back to fishing for a living, or are you going to fish for men?”  

You may be asking, “What can we do about the rioting and anger in our country? How can ‘I/We’ make any difference? We don’t live there.”  

The answer is this: “Fall in love with Jesus!” Out of that deepened relationship, you will hear your Master’s voice and direction. You will hear his voice and the Holy Spirit will show you how you can make a difference.

Yes, I know it sounds too simplistic, but why not try it?

Pastor Stan