“We Must Do Something #2”

“We Must Do Something #2”

Last Sunday, I challenged, “I/We” must do something to stem the flow of rioting in our beloved USA, as well as doing something about our children who have been robbed from their relationship with Christ. It must have sounded simplistic to suggest that there was one thing that we could do: “Fall in love with Jesus!” I could not do the subject justice in one week, so I decided to continue with Part 2 in the Pastor’s Points this week.

How can falling in love with Jesus make a difference in our world, as well as in our family? In John 21, Jesus asked Peter three times, “Hey Pete, do you love these fishies more than Me?” Peter was very grieved. Yes, Peter’s failure was so obvious. He denied Jesus three times on the night of His betrayal, just as Jesus  had predicted Peter would do.

Jesus moved past Peter’s failure to ask more probing questions. “Do you, Peter, love Me more than this haul of fishes?” Peter answered, in a variety of ways, but they were all a positive, “Yes.”

Here is how falling in love with Jesus can help our world:

  • Falling in love with Jesus will take away your fears – 1 John 4:18. Please read that passage.
  • Falling in love with Jesus will reduce your stress and anger levels. How?  Because, you will be preoccupied by spending more time with the Lover of your soul, Jesus Christ, than watching the news, surfing the internet, etc.
  • Falling in love with Jesus will give a confidence that overpowers conflict in your world.
  • You are called to change your world, which then in the long run will change the whole world.

How Do I Fall In Love With Jesus?

  • This may sound silly, but ask the Holy Spirit to help and teach you how to fall in love with Jesus.
  • Keep track of how you spend your time. How many hours a day do you spend watching TV or reading “stuff,” or being preoccupied and busy, but you can’t really put a finger on what you are so busy doing?
  • Compare the amount of time spent on “stuff,” with how much time you spent reading your Bible and praying.
  • Jesus said, “My sheep know My Voice.”  So, you will begin to know and hear His voice more, which will cause you to be more focused on giving “stuff” over to Jesus.

Love to You All,

Pastor Stan