The year 2020 speaks to me of perfect vision. If we could see like God sees … my, wouldn’t that be something? God just looks at everything differently than we do.

Genesis 16:13 says, “Then she (Hagar) called the name of the Lord, who spoke to her: “You are the God Who Sees,” for she said, “Have I also here seen Him who sees me?” Here is Pastor Stan’s explanation: “Have I also seen the God who sees me?”


That’s pretty interesting. Hagar had run away after being severely treated by her mistress, Sarah. Hagar was in bad shape.  She had her small son, Ishmael with her. The desert before them was brutal. They were waiting to die, when an angel showed up and gave them water, food, and a promise. “I will make a great nation out of your son.” Her reply was, “Wow! The God who saw me on the worst day … I have seen Him!”

God saw her past, her present predicament, and He knew her future! God knew about the slimy way she treated Sarah … He saw her in the present. He rescued her.

Now for the rest of us. You have a history with God. He knew you while you were in the womb. Today, He has your present in His Hands. He has your back. Never fear the future. Your future may feel uncertain, but know this. You have the best guarantee in the  world. All the Promises in His Word are at your disposal.

See His Promises. That is 20/20 vision! Hear His Promises in your spirit. Act on those promises! Understand, you can march confidently forward into your future. He has you in the hollow of His hands. He has a great future for you!

I Pray You Have Perfect 20/20 Spiritual Vision,

Pastor Stan