“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil — FOR THOU art with me.”  Ps. 23:4 KJV

I’d like to say a few words about “Valleys.” Valleys aren’t easy in the spiritual or the natural realm. While hunting this year, I found myself in Colorado valleys. One thing you quickly realize is, you can’t stay in the valleys forever! In order for me to get to my destination, I had to go down the hill, navigate the valley, then climb out the other side. It’s a “Must Do.” The only other choice is to give up.

If your valley is depression, choose to walk out of it, with God’s help and direction. Is your valley hard times? Keep walking, even climbing, if necessary! Often climbing is the only way out, and it is arduous, but doable!  Valleys of misunderstanding and confusion? I have advice for you. Keep on doing what God has told you to do. Those valleys can seem so long and filled with their own kinds of danger. There are rapid rivers. In spring run off, crossing a river can be very dangerous. Of course, the wild animals (temptations, troubles, and times of wondering, “What’s next?”) are always on the prowl.  Don’t fear the evil!

Other words from this passage: There are many shadows. Shadows are intimidating. They often are 2-3 times bigger than you are. Shadows don’t last forever. Usually they leave when the SON shows up … that is Jesus! When Jesus shines His Light on the shadows haunting you, they will leave. Your fears will leave. Are you really mixed up and confused? That is the devil’s work, but I have good news for you! You don’t need to fear evil or the devil, or the darkness and obscurity. Why not? God is with you!

So, my dear friend, Valleys happen! Some valleys are there, just because they are there. Other valleys are there because of sin that we personally have committed. Those valleys are not God’s fault. The Bible clearly teaches us that whatever we sow (our actions), we reap (receive back).

Advice for the “Valley Walkers?” That big thing? It is just a shadow. It will go away, just as soon as the SON comes into your life. Good News! The SON is out right now. His Name is Jesus.

I see a lot of clothes with these words printed on them: “NO FEAR.” That is the life Jesus promises us. Valleys, but when I call on Jesus, “I will fear no evil,” and that, my dear friend, is called PEACE!

Pastor Stan