“Troubles on the East Coast”

“Troubles on the East Coast”

When Gevena and I traveled to Africa this last time, we were with 21 Cajuns from Louisiana. They were a wonderful group of Spirit-filled believers. We have only been to Louisiana once for about a week, but that was a very interesting time for us. Cajuns are different — Not a bad different, but certainly different from Central Mountain Coloradans, for sure.

Our Cajun team was truly passionate about the ministry they were involved in with us. There were three pastors in that group. All three pastors had been impacted by Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005.  They spoke of the destruction of their churches and how God had brought them back stronger than ever in their personal lives, as well as working through the destruction of their churches. However, they still feel the impact of Hurricane Katrina, some 16 years later.

Imagine with me for a moment: To the very day, August 29, 2021, Hurricane Ida comes. Once again, Pastor Packy Thompson and his church, Bayou Blue Assembly of God, is struck by Hurricane Ida. They reside in Houma, Louisiana. As a result of Hurricane Ida, 60% of the houses in that community are uninhabitable! Bayou Blue A/G cannot hold services, because of the destruction to their church buildings. That amounts to 6 out of every 10 households that have no roof over their heads! Additionally, they are enduring 105+ degree temperatures with extremely high humidity. Add to that misery, there is no electricity for a million people in Louisiana at this point. You can’t buy gas, and you are blessed to find water to drink. So what are Pastor Packy, his wife Janet, and his adult children doing? The same thing they were doing 16 years ago. They have left their home, cleaned up their church parking lot, which is now being used as a staging area to feed, clothe, and give to their community. Huge pots of soup are cooking for those who have nothing to eat. They are giving love, in the Name of Jesus, to their community. Bayou Blue A/G has an average attendance of 900+.

Convoy of Hope, the compassion arm of the Assemblies of God, has brought semi truck loads of emergency products into the area, as they did 16 years before.

The church Gevena and I pastored in New York City, El Bethel A/G, has standing water in their facility, which resulted from the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. Just a few blocks away, the streets near our former church have five feet of water standing in the streets. My heart goes out to them, as well.

Would you offer up prayers in an ongoing manner for what is and has happened in our Eastern and Southern US? Today, I will ask for an offering to help with our churches in Louisiana. Will you join me as I take this offering for these dear ones?

Love and Prayers,

Pastor Stan