“Trouble Antidote”

“Trouble Antidote”

I listened to one of my dear friends tell me his story of woe last night. Bob’s wife has a severe kind of cancer. He lost his health insurance due to Obama Care. Bob is a college professor and former instructor pilot in the Air Force. As he was driving from Wyoming to Salt Lake City for treatments that could help his wife, wild animals hit his truck and totaled it.

Completing her treatments in SLC, Bob returned to Wyoming, as Salt Lake medical care denied his plea for further medical aid for his wife. So, he took his wife home. Now she is in Cheyenne, Wyoming, living with their daughter and receiving outpatient care for cancer. In the process of mapping her body for selective cancer treatment, she had a heart issue and was rushed from the cancer treatment center to the emergency ward of a hospital. Meanwhile, Bob is teaching his math classes, and losing students (income), because the technical math classes are too hard for many students to handle, but necessary if they are going to enter technical fields. This results in loss of income. His new bill for meds per month: $750, after health insurance pays their small portion!

As Gevena and I went into our prayer time last evening, this verse came to mind: “These things I have spoken to you, that in ME you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation (troubles), BUT be of good cheer, I have overcome the  world.” John 16:33. Dear one, I must tell you, there are few words that I can give you that can bring you comfort. However, the words of John 16:33 give us wisdom, comfort, and peace.  

Jesus said, “I have spoken to you.” God is not giving you the silent treatment! He has spoken to you! What? When? How? Through the Bible! Read John 16. That is what Jesus is speaking to you now! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have God’s Peace?  

Then Jesus spoke in terms we can understand. “In this world you will have tribulation.” Have you ever known anyone this side of Heaven who hasn’t had a boat load of troubles in their lives? EVERYONE experiences troubles. Jesus offers this advice: “Be of good cheer…” Don’t live in depression … refuse it. Being overwhelmed with trouble can leave you in a mental and physical fog. How do you get through it? “I have overcome the world.” 

What does that mean?? Jesus has beaten every struggle we experience!  He has empathy for you. He is not discouraging us, but helping us face reality. You are going to face tough times. Face them with a rock solid faith. Expect to receive God’s Peace. Pray for His Peace. Jesus will never be disturbed by anything that happens! Jesus knows all about your past, present, and future. He has already taken care of “IT.” Jesus has defeated all that you face when He went to the cross, then rose from the grave. Take everything to the Lord in prayer. Rest in Jesus.  Receive His Peace. 

Jesus won … and so will you, if you are a believer!

Pastor Stan