But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.” 2 Corinthians 4:2

This past week, I have been spending time near San Luis, Colorado. We found ourselves at a non-functioning gold mine. From 1859 to present, 45 million Troy ounces of gold have been mined in the Sangre De Cristo area of Southeast Colorado.

From the 1840’s through the 1870’s, the gold rush was on in Colorado.  Cyanide use for leaching purposes destroyed land and water. Now many claim the San Luis Valley is the poorest area of Colorado. Old wives’ tales claim the area was plagued by devils in the water. However, as I ride through this area I see great wealth — Burgeoning ranches, fine homes, etc.

Paul observed that we have treasure in earthen vessels. As Christians, our bodies have the potential to contain huge treasures. That treasure is the Power of God. Paul goes on to say that the excellence of power may be from God and not from us.

This power is only awesome when we use it to reach our lost world. We can offer help to those who are lost, diseased in their spirit, plagued by the darkness of an evil world.

I remember being in Africa and seeing a woman stumbling around screaming uncontrollably. I looked over and saw something big and black on the ground. We asked what was wrong with the woman. The reply from the Africans was that her husband had died the day before. They had no children. That would be the usual way a widow would be supported after she lost her husband in East African society. However, the woman had one great commodity which enabled her to live and provide for herself. She had a prize dairy cow who provided a great quantity of milk each day. Everyone came and purchased milk from her. Now, her husband died one day, and the big black lump I saw from a distance was her prize dairy cow that died the next day! Now she had no husband and no means of support. It seemed a rather hopeless situation, for sure!

We of course prayed with the woman. Was that enough, just to pray for her? Should we have done more? We have to trust that as we prayed, there was an excellent power that came from God that helped her through her grief of losing her husband, as well as her means of great financial support. We were never able to go back and check on her, so we just have to trust God and believe that our Treasure, the power of God, was more than enough for her need.

I wonder … what would happen if we all ministered that treasure of God’s power?

Pastor Stan