“Tracking Your Every Move”

“Tracking Your Every Move”

We recently endured 90 days of intrusion in our driving habits. I wasn’t too happy about that nosiness by our insurance company. It involved a tracking device on all our vehicles that would record mileage and driving habits. The auto insurance company promised if we would place the devices on our vehicles for 90 days they would give us a discount on our insurance, based on driving habits and mileage. Although I wasn’t happy about it, the discounts could amount to significant savings on our premiums.  

Today, we celebrated as I took those devices off and sent them back to the insurance company! When I called to confirm that I could pull them out of the vehicles, I spoke with Asa. I told Asa, “I love your name. It’s a Bible name and has great significance. His reply was “Yes, I did a research paper in 6th grade. I was surprised as to the Biblical meaning of my name.” In further discussion, I learned he wasn’t a follower of Christ. So I pressed on begging two minutes of his time. I told him the true story of Asa Lord, a man in one of my churches.

Asa was a single (bachelor) farmer in Iowa. He was one of my deacons.  His old car that he used to pick up kids for Sunday School died. He prayed, “God, I need a vehicle so I may continue to pick up precious souls to take them to church.”   Asa heard distinct direction from the Holy Spirit. “Go to the Oldsmobile dealer in Nebraska City, NE, and enter the drawing for a brand new Olds station wagon.  You will win that vehicle so you may continue your ministry.” So, Asa Lord followed that instruction from the Holy Spirit. On the day of the drawing, Asa arrived at the Olds dealer at 8 AM. Salesmen approached, “Are you here to buy a car?”  “No, I am here for the drawing for the new Olds station wagon to be given away at 5 PM.”  The manager spoke to him, “Perhaps you could come back later?” “No I was told by the Holy Spirit to sit here all day and pray, and be ready to drive my new car away.  You see I need it to take families to church on Sundays. My family dropped me off here this morning. They left me here and I am just to wait and pray.”

At 5 PM, a large crowd gathered, hoping to win the new Olds. Sure enough, Asa Lord was announced as the winner. It stunned the sales staff that Asa won. He was asked to say a few words. Asa told the large crowd of how he won the car, because God told Asa he would win.

Back to the Asa I spoke to today. “Asa, that’s a true story. You need to think that maybe God wanted you to speak to me today so you could hear about Asa.”

As your pastor, I want to assure you that Jesus is tracking your life.  He knows everything. It’s not a threat … It should be a comfort!

Love & Prayers,

Pastor Stan