Tough Times for Believers in Jesus

Tough Times for Believers in Jesus

This last Sunday was particularly violent in Indonesia. At least 13 died, and 40 were wounded! One family of six launched a suicide attack on Christians at multiple church sites. The husband drove his car containing explosives through the front gate of a church. The wife and two daughters, age 9 and 12, were involved in an attack at a second church, while the man’s sons, ages 16 and 19, rode a motorbike and had a bomb across their laps.

Police blamed the bombings on JAD, an umbrella organization, listed on a U.S. State Department terrorist list that is drawing hundreds to Islamic State sympathizers in Indonesia. Islamic State claimed responsibility for these attacks. “This  was the first time children had been used in attacks in Indonesia. These are the worst attacks on Christians since 2005 in Indonesia.” (Source for this news in Charisma News, which I recommend highly that you subscribe to by email.)

All across the world, the attacks grow worse and worse. Even in the USA, we are seeing homegrown terrorism become more evident in these current times. Who would ever guess we’d see churches in America with armed guards?

It is a spiritual war that we are involved in. The attack may not be as much in your face as we heard of in Indonesia last Sunday. However, Christians in general are under attack, even if it’s over refusing to bake a cake for two people who live an alternate lifestyle, or the misguided soul who decides to shoot up a church service.

Remember Jesus’ parable in Matthew 25:1-13.  Read it again!

Be aware of your surroundings. Be aware of the days in which we live. This is not sleepy time, Saints of God. It’s a time to be on our knees, seeking Jesus. It’s a time to be in the Word and loving Jesus and people.

“It is Time for You to Act, Lord Jesus!”

Pastor Stan Rutkowski