“Three Concerns for our World and Community”

“Three Concerns for our World and Community”

The Ring of Fire

Hundreds of people live along the perimeter of the Pacific Ocean. When a killer earthquake happens, it will be a disaster so great … it will be the greatest disaster ever seen in our 21st Century times. Mexico City area had a 5.4 earthquake that struck at 11 miles deep. Later on Monday, there was a 6.3 earthquake in the Philippines. Alaska had a 5.1 earthquake. One day it will happen. With little or no warning, the Cascadia Subduction Zone will produce a catastrophic earthquake and accompanying tsunami that will essentially destroy everything west of Interstate 5 in the Pacific Northwest.

Alarming Rate of Christian Persecution – Worldwide

The Easter (Rez Day) slaughter of Christians in Sri Lanka, was terrible!  African churches are weeping at the loss of lives. Worldwide, an average of 105 churches are burnt and attacked every month. Three hundred and forty-five Christians are killed every month, according to Open Doors USA. The USA is not escaping persecution. Churches are the “softest targets” in the USA. We are the #1 target for hate attacks! Three churches in Louisiana were recently destroyed by fire.  Fatal church attacks in the USA from 1999: Nineteen USA churches have experienced killings! The non-fatal persecution of Christians in the USA is on the increase, coming in the form of hate directed towards people who believe sin, as described in the Bible, is increasing daily. In other words, if you believe that those who refuse to be repentant of sin, as defined in the Bible, will (bluntly put) go to hell and face an angry God Jehovah, you should be subject to scorn, and physical violence. It’s going to get worse!


Over the last 10 years, Israel has experienced 19,000 missiles hurled at them! That’s an average of three a day!!! Missiles are being hidden in private homes where children are being raised. They make missiles and bombs in the basement of hospitals, in schools where children are being taught, etc. This is why it is so incredibly hard for Israel to deal with the violence.

What am I trying to say? “When you see these things, look up! Your Redemption is near at hand!” I do truly believe in the imminent return of Jesus Christ. Jesus could return today. All of the above mentioned increases in natural disasters, worldwide persecution, and turbulence in Israel are warnings.

Jesus is Coming Soon!

Pastor Stan