“The Weight of Weariness”

“The Weight of Weariness”

Can’t you just feel the weight of stuff on your shoulders right now? From what I can observe, there is a weariness in the souls of many who have endured, but endurance is running out. Maintaining their spiritual posture has been difficult. Plainly said, “Sometimes I just don’t feel like it!”

This is symptomatic of so many who have been weighted down with the cares of this world. Most of us are not rioting. I would think even the liberal newscaster should be getting tired of reporting on the riots in Portland and other places. Then, I was thinking of the rioters themselves. Many of them are being paid to start fires, hurt people and police. Then, there is politics. It is a great burden for all Americans right now. If you want our beloved US to turn into a communist country, you are stressed to the max thinking, “We may not get it done on this election.” If you desire our beloved US country to remain a democracy, then you, too, feel the weight and burden of our nation on your shoulders. Please pray for our President and Congress. The very fabric of democracy is at stake.

I have said enough about the problem. What is the solution?

Weariness Solved!

Now that sounds interesting. How do we cure weariness? You can’t cure weariness, but there is a way to mediate weariness.  

  1. Face your feelings. 
  • Couldn’t I ask something simple? It is okay to take your feelings to Jesus.  Tell Him all about it. Do so with tears in your eyes.  
  • People who just bury how they feel, eventually crash. It is not just a crash and burn; most likely it will be an explosion that solves nothing.
  1. Stay disciplined. 
  • Remember the A-B-C’s?
  • Keep doing what you know you should do. 
  1. Place your burdens on shoulders that are bigger than yours. 
  • Make a practice of praying, “Lord Jesus Christ, here is what really stresses me. I am not handling this well. So, I am giving it to You. I trust and love You!”
  1. Surround yourself with positive, faith-filled people.
  • Wow! Are there really positive, faith-filled people out there? By the 1000’s!  You won’t find them in the bars or pot shops. You will find them in church! 

Remain Steadfast & Encouraged,

Pastor Stan