“The Last Pastor Points of 2020”

“The Last Pastor Points of 2020”

Yes, it has been a dramatic year, to say the least! Typically, we look forward with great excitement to the New Year. Some of the Christmas cards we receive seem to take on that positive note and cheer: “It is going to be such an exciting New Year! No more masks! No more virus! Back to normal!” I am not so sure the old normal will ever exist again!

The last couple of years have had so many eventful happenings. Let me remind you:

January 6, 2019. Frozen pipes destroyed our gym/education wing of Living Waters church. Then we discovered mold which had to taken care of. Then we had church insurance issues to deal with. There was the discovery of the damaged roof of the church. Approximately $90,000 later it was all fixed. In the middle of that, Pastor Stan & Gevena left for 3 weeks in Africa doing missions. The Board and others stepped up to the plate, rolled up their sleeves and restored the church to better than new shape. I will always be amazed that the difference between what the church insurance paid us, and the actual cost of the repairs was all paid for without any indebtedness to the church! That summer, a miracle happened, and our church mortgage was paid off!

Then came summer, 2020. Our church was able to close on a deal that sold 25 acres of our church property. Many attempts and prayers had been made throughout the years to see this property sold. It sold! This summer we paved our parking lot, which was something the church had wanted to do for years!  

We have endured fires in the area that shut the church down for services, at least in the church facility. Highly toxic propane fumes shut the church down for public services, yet we have survived. Then we have faced shut down of services due to Covid crud. Yet we have endured.

So, as we face more uncertainties in 2021, I personally don’t think we will go back to normal, but we have a “new” normal that will be filled with uncertainties and moments where we wonder, “What is going to happen next?”

Here is what I know:  

My/Our God who has overcome all past challenges is more than enough to handle all challenges that arise in 2021!

Our God promised, “But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4:19

I look forward to 2021. I understand there will be overwhelming challenges.  Our God who is able will supply His abundant provision for all the challenges we shall face!

Pastor Stan