“The Importance of Wills and Trusts”

“The Importance of Wills and Trusts”

I really don’t like to discuss Last Wills and Testaments, but then there are a lot of things I really don’t care to discuss or deal with as a pastor. However, I am obligated to do so. So, here goes … Keep these thoughts in mind:

 1) Death is unavoidable except in the case of Rapture. 2) You will take nothing with you when you die. 3) You will probably die at a time that is inconvenient for you. 4) Someone else will get your stuff. 5) If you care about where your stuff goes, please understand — The only time you get any input on the matter is BEFORE you die.

Most Americans have NOT given ample consideration of what will happen to their goods after they die. While they think about it, many of them put this uncomfortable subject off, because … well … they don’t want to deal with it, or don’t want to take the time, or, you fill in the blank ________.

The needs of people change, as well. When we were young–er, the matter of who would raise our kids, should both parents die at the same time, was the most important subject. Perhaps some of your witnesses to original documents have changed, or died, or state laws have changed. If your will cannot be proven in court probated, then your current will is worthless. So, the agency that decides how to distribute your estate will extract probate costs, state inheritance taxes, and federal inheritance taxes. This is much more expensive than spending several hundred dollars to enlist the help of an attorney to get your financial affairs in order. In complicated estates, a trust could be to your advantage.

I would like to make an offer to this church family. Please understand: If you would like to get some initial advice on directing you to resources that can help you with these end of life matters, Gevena and I can help you. I make this offer, but I want you to know upfront that we are not seeking any of your stuff.  ?

You should also consider a Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney for Health Care. Included might be a “Do Not Resuscitate” order, if that is what you would choose.

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    • Personal experience of serving as Executors of Estates

Look to Your Future!

Pastor Stan