“The Hope Pusher”

“The Hope Pusher”

I would like to tell you about a man called, “The Hope Pusher.” We met him at District Council where A/G pastors and missionaries from Utah and Colorado gathered for our annual meeting.

I saw HIM … I mean, he was bigger than anyone else in the building! He wasn’t the tallest man around, nor the heaviest, but he was built like a 4 by 4 human block! Massive arms and legs. His T-Shirt read, “Hope Pusher.” I noticed he had one of those electronic ankle monitors on, that the law enforcement uses to keep track of people they consider an endangerment to society.

“Hope Pusher” was allowed to give his testimony in front of all those preachers, missionaries, etc. His Story: “I was imprisoned as a juvenile for gang involvement, drugs, and being a violent person. In prison I joined the gangs, and became an enforcer. I sold and used drugs in prison, and I was feared by everyone, because I was so violent. The prison authorities did not know what to do with me, because they couldn’t control me! I have taken lives (murder). I was locked away from everyone in isolation for 5 years. Then, I found “religion,” but it didn’t work, and once again I was thrown into isolation in prison. After many, many years I was released. I wound up in downtown Denver with homeless people, the “low lifes.” I was tired, cold and hungry. Then this skinny preacher walked up to me and said, ‘Are you hungry? You look cold. Do you have a place to sleep?’ I went with him. He fed me, loved me, clothed me, but most of all, he listened and cried with me. I was born to terrible people. I was on the streets at a very young age. Violence was easy for me. I used alcohol, drugs and loved to hurt people. I was so lonely.

“The pastor listened and told me about Jesus who wanted to save me, deliver me, be my best friend, and make me a new man. I did that! I still wear the ankle bracelet, but the preacher got me fully released into his custody. Now I am the “Hope Pusher.” I tell everyone on the streets about the HOPE they have in Jesus. I will live the rest of my life for Jesus. I will always serve and love Jesus. Jesus is my King!”

Twenty minutes into the testimony, most of us preachers were in tears!

May we be HOPE PUSHERS to a lost and dying world!

Pastor Stan