“The Difference Between a Doer & a Whiner”

“The Difference Between a Doer & a Whiner”

Dad was a WW 2 vet. He never talked about it. He was a DOER, but not a talker. It was his civic duty to serve in the US Coast Guard on a US military transport ship, taking soldiers to war. Oh, yes, he experienced war! He was sole survivor of one ship that went down, and a survivor with a handful of men that survived another ship that went down. His wounds were mostly emotional. He suffered greatly with emotional trauma. Today, we would call it PTSD. Back then, military doctors gave electric shock treatment and sent him home. However, Dad was a DOER. He never thought he was a hero; he just did what he had to do. Dad went on, lived life, and earned a decent living. He died at age 55 due to brain injuries, probably tied to his duty as a gunner on the ship.

There were some WHINERS in the Bible for sure! Judas Iscariot whined because there was never enough money. Ultimately, he sold his soul to the devil, and betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

I want to grow people who are DOERS, people of action, rather than many who are WHINERS, thinking they are entitled to everything, without ever having done a thing! Thank you, veterans and your families! Your men and women have been DOERS, serving our beloved US, helping to bear the load of freedom. I choose to be a doer, and not a whiner. How about you?

The good news is that we can turn from being a WHINER to a DOER.  Consider the example of Moses. God called him into ministry through an encounter of God’s Presence at a burning bush. Then God wanted Moses to lead 1.5 million  people out of Egypt. WHINE:But God, I cannot speak.” God said: (my paraphrase)    “Yes you can! I AM is sending you.” Moses was feeling totally inadequate. With all of Moses’ feelings of inadequacies, God had chosen Moses, because deep down inside, of Moses was a DOER, a person of action. Later, Moses turned into a WHINER again. My paraphrase: “God, these people are driving me nuts! They are complaining about no water, not enough decent food = ‘all we have to eat is manna stuff,’ and more upon more complaints.” Yet, in spite of all this, Moses rose up to be the DOER God always knew Moses was.

Being a DOER for God is not based on your abilities. It is marching forward under great duress, acknowledging, “When I am weak, He is strong.” 2 Corinthians 12:10c. 

My observation is this: Even if you have been a WHINER, you can come to Jesus and declare, “I want to become a DOER. I confess I have been a WHINER (a complainer). Please help me to be the DOER You want me to be.”

Pastor Stan