“The Comeback Trail”

“The Comeback Trail”

I was communicating with a young lady who had been in our church years ago. After we left that pastorate the girl we knew encountered some very devastating issues in her life. The results of her wrecked life led her into a life of drugs. She tried with all that her own will power could muster to accomplish education goals. It didn’t work. Soon she entered the drug scene. Life spiraled downward. Some months ago she began to post pictures on Facebook. She was trying hard to bounce back from the wreck her life had become. Just this last week, she graduated from nursing school. I asked her what her score was on her final test. 91%! It seemed to make a great difference to her that I told her how proud I was of her.

Then I began to think about others who have failed at life. I call it the Comeback Trail.” My next question to this wonderful young lady was, “What is next?” The answer was simple for her. She will enter her coveted profession as a Registered Nurse.  

I could ask Peter from the Bible the same question. He was haunted by his boasts to Jesus, “I will never fail YOU!” Jesus warned Pete that he would deny Jesus three times in a single evening. Jesus further declared, “Satan wants to sift you as wheat, but I have prayed for you.” 

I can imagine the thoughts that ran through Peter’s mind. “I can’t believe I did that! I am so embarrassed. I should go kill myself! I am not worthy to be called Jesus’ disciple. I am no value to Jesus anymore.” Then I can imagine the devil chimed in, “You know Pete, what you did to Jesus Christ, the Son of God is so shameful that you are a hopeless case! You have no credibility left. You should go back to fishing! At least if you do that, you can forget your failures. Don’t you remember all the times you failed? Remember how you walked on water, and then you looked at the waves? You were so close to being a walking miracle, but then you turned to a half drowned rat of a failure. You never could keep your mouth shut!  Remember, you wanted to build three temples? One for Moses, and one for Elijah, and a big one for Jesus! Now you hear that Jesus rose from the grave. You should be so ashamed! All Jesus’ words about ‘Rising from the dead.’ Jesus will scorn you, if you go to the grave site!”

Yet, Peter did go to the grave site. He did look into that empty grave. Peter did hold that folded cloth that had covered Jesus’ face. Peter overcame his shame and failure. He absorbed the forgiving power of Jesus. Peter became a leader amongst the disciples.  

Jesus has big plans for you. Your past failures must not be allowed to rule your future life. Confess and repent those failures we call sin. Ask Jesus to forgive you. Then believe Jesus forgave. Now, go! Live! Smile! Love Jesus!

Start that “Comeback Trail” today!

Pastor Stan