That Terrible Flu

Already, the flu season was killing people and making very many others sick. People were starting to die from the flu. It all started in a small mountain community in Colorado. Soon it spread throughout the state. Every community was affected — Infants, teens, adults, and seniors. Then it spread throughout the US.

On Tuesday morning, the President of the United States made the following announcement: “Due to a national security risk, all flights to and from Europe and Asia have been canceled. If your loved ones are overseas, I’m sorry. They cannot come back until we find a cure for this thing. It’s  a mystery flu. If you contract this flu, you can be dead in four days. If you are out of the States, you cannot come back until we find a cure for this flu!”

Suddenly, great news! A cure had been found. A vaccine had been made.  It’s going to take a very special blood type, coming from someone whose blood is totally clean and pure from this killer virus. Everyone needs blood drawn, so we can find this unique blood that is free from the virus,” stated the CDC. Your whole family dutifully went to the Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center to have their blood tested. As your family was leaving, a Dr. rushed out. “Wait a minute! Your son has that blood the whole world is waiting for. We need your son’s blood. His blood is clean and pure!” Five minutes later the Drs. and nurses came out laughing and smiling. “Indeed, your son has the very type of blood needed to stop this killer virus.” The word spread quickly throughout the world. “We’ve found someone whose blood is clean!  We’ve found a cure!”

Then a grim faced Dr. came out. “We need you to sign a consent form for drawing blood.” You questioned the blank line on the form, which should have indicated how many pints of blood would be needed. “Why is there no amount filled in on how many pints are needed?” The Doc replied, “We need it all!” “Can’t you find another answer … Wait a minute? Are you saying my son will die?” “I’m sorry!  The whole world is waiting for a cure. Without his blood, billions will die!” Your son cried, “Dad, what’s happening?” “Son, you’ll have to die so the whole world can live!” Will you die for the world’s sake?” “Yes, I will,” he said with tears in his eyes.  “Wait a minute, Dad! Why are you leaving me now?” “Because nobody can be with you when they take your blood.”

Hours later, your son was dead! You’d never hug him again. Did people thank you for the cost to you? Some did, but most people just walked by as you held his funeral, and never even stopped to say a thing.

P.S.: This was just a parable referring to the cost God went through to see a world saved from a sin virus! It cost Him everything to lose His Son, and so few are grateful.

Pastor Stan Rutkowski