“Thanksgiving Story”

“Thanksgiving Story”

A very wealthy, widowed farmer had a nice house built on his property. He wanted to entice just the right family to live in that house. The farmer sought out a family that would occupy this nice, new house. He wanted a very good manager of his farm. The wealthy farmer understood that having the most qualified overseer to run his farm required not only an experienced manager, but he also needed to be a happy, contented man. In order to gain such an employee, he needed to have a nice family. The manager should have a wife who was loyal and faithful. She should be a Proverbs 31 kind of woman.  Industrious, shrewd, and her greatest attribute would be that she should make her husband happy, and their children should be joyful children who would love the freedom afforded through country life on a farm.

The wealthy farmer found such a manager who could make his farm successful. The manager’s wife was just the sweetest woman, and their only child was a son who brightened a room when he walked in. The farm manager family was delighted with their house and the monthly income. The farm rapidly became very successful. One day as the manager was plowing the fields, his tractor overturned. His leg was crushed. The doctors felt the only way to save the manager’s life was to amputate his leg! It sent the manager of the farm into depression. Nothing his wonderful wife did seemed to help her husband.

The wealthy widowed farmer decided to invite the family to the “big house” for Thanksgiving dinner. Such a sumptuous meal was served! Everything was perfect.  After dinner the farmer asked his guests if they had a thanks to give to God. The son gave a glowing joyful praise. The manager’s wife delighted everyone with her sweet manner, smile, and love for God. Then came the manager’s turn to give praise. He griped, then griped even more! “What do I have to be thankful for? I lost my leg due to the accident. I can’t even stand on my own! My wife has to help me get dressed. I can’t go to the fields to work anymore. My son avoids me anymore, and I am rapidly becoming helpless. Life just simply isn’t any good now!”

The farmer proclaimed, “I will make a deal with you! I will give you this wonderful farm, my house and all my lands. In return, I will live in your house. Your son will become my son. Then you can tell me what to do and I will work for you! You see, I lost my wife and son in a tragic accident. All I have is my wealth and this farm.” Silence fell in the room. Finally, the manager replied with tears in his eyes, “Sir, I forgot my wealth. I have a wonderful wife. My son is my delight. I cannot give them to you, nor will I trade my house and wages that you still give me for what you have. Today, you have reminded me of how truly rich I am.” The manager placed a smile on his face, looked up and said, “Father forgive me, for I forgot how much you love me, and how I am so blessed.”

Don’t we all have so much to be thankful for?

Pastor Stan