“Sorrow is Always Visiting Planet Earth”

“Sorrow is Always Visiting Planet Earth”

Our daughter-in-love, Angi, picked us up at the airport as our journey ended from Mission Kenya, July 2021. Just a few minutes into our journey home, she began to tell us about an encounter with our neighbors here in Colorado Springs. Angi was in the “Man Cave” of our house (also known as our prayer room, and my study). She loves to go there when she is alone, just to pray. While she was praying, our neighbor came to our front door. As soon as the door opened to Jay, he started weeping and telling her our neighbor next door had died. Sixty-six year old Jay wanted to talk to me. His claim was that I have a particular set of skills that no one around here has. Jay said, “You know how to talk to people when they are at their worst.”

Seeing Jay’s tears, Angi said, “Well, I am just going to pray for you right now!” It appears my next door neighbor, who was only 42, had been in and out of the hospital for the last 8 weeks and finally died of Covid. Mike was a father to 3 children; the youngest is a boy who is age 10. Mike had a wonderful wife, and they all are believers and attend a good church in the Springs. Mike was a Security Specialist for the US Space program, which is located in the Springs. As soon as I got home, I unloaded suitcases, took a shower, clean clothes, and immediately went to Jay’s house, listened to him, and eventually prayed with him again. Then I went next door and spoke with the grieving widow, and spent some time with her and her family. Today, we attended the funeral for a good man whose life was just simply too short.

When you lose a loved one, have a terrible accident like Marigold Cheshier who broke her scapula (shoulder blade) in two,  a collapsed lung, a broken hand,  and her neck is messed up, you wonder, “Why?” Then, this morning I was given the very sad news of a young couple who were expecting  their first child. They were so excited. The Doc informed them they would have twins. They had the boys named, their special nursery was fixed up, and then she had a premature labor at 26 weeks, and alas, both boys died. Now, all the mother can do is hug the baby blankets of her boys and cry. The parents are great Christians.

WHY? There is no answer that satisfies the longing in the hearts of humanity. Oh, I can tell you sorrow happens because of original sin, but that doesn’t satisfy. I could say, “Stuff happens,” but that is heartless. So what I did was tell my neighbor, Jay, “Jay, I know you’re Catholic by profession, but you don’t know Jesus.  You march into your house, tell your wife, Vicky, to hold your hand and read John Chapter 1. Then you take Vicky’s hand and pray with her. Pray for God’s peace and love to wash over your soul. Then you start accompanying me on my dog walks. I will explain Jesus’ love to you as we walk.” With tears in his eyes, Jay promised, “I will do that!”


Pastor Stan