“Some Funnies, Etc.”

“Some Funnies, Etc.”

Did you know if a giraffe drank a cup of coffee, it would be cold by the time it traveled through its throat?

I always knew I’d get old someday … but I have been surprised by how fast it has happened!

I got called pretty today. Well, actually the statement was, “You’re pretty annoying,” but I chose to only focus on the positive! 

ETC. …

Well, folks, we are off to Africa this next week. You have a choice to make. You can come to God’s house, praise Him, pray to Him, and find yourself busy for the Kingdom’s sake, OR you can choose to stay home and refuse to tithe and pray, because your Pastors are away. The first option will bless you … the second option will not be good for you spiritually.

Always when we leave for Africa, we go with these thoughts: We go in fear and trembling. We can do nothing in our own strength. If God doesn’t reach out to the spiritual darkness in Africa, nothing will get done. “Holy Spirit, please give us a return on the investment that people have made in this ministry. We want to see a soul come to Jesus for every US $ invested to send us: i.e. $1 = 1 new soul in Heaven!”

Further prayers: Lord Jesus, please help us not to get annoyed over the little stuff — a flight that has been changed, a suitcase lost or delayed. Help us not to worry, but just pray, over the Living Waters Church family in our absence. Please anoint our guest preachers as they come.  May they be anointed and see souls saved. Help LWC to busily occupy and work for His Kingdom in our absence.” More Prayers: “Now Lord, we earnestly petition You, may we walk without fear in all situations. Keep us oblivious of the dangers we will face. Let us (Church family and ourselves) walk in Christ’s peace and His joy.”

There is a “To Do” list of items, if you are so inclined in our absence. Ask the Board concerning this. It would be a great help, and allow your Pastors to come back devoting energy to ministry, rather than just trying to get our facility back in shape. Talk to the Board: Mike Kwiek, Jim Salazar, and Paul Martin.

You’re Always in Our Prayers!

Pastor Stan