“So Much to be Thankful For!”

“So Much to be Thankful For!”

Family! This week on Tuesday, November 23, we had a second great grandchild born.  Oliver Reed Rutkowski weighed in at 7 lbs. 10.4 oz. and was 19 3/4” long. Mama and Oliver seem to be doing very well … except for one, well maybe two, issues. Oliver was born with a “deer” face & a “bear” bottom! Oh, wait a minute … I misspelled those words. It is “dear” face and a “bare” bottom.

  • I am thankful there are no divorces amongst our adult kids!
  • I am thankful their children are doing well spiritually.
  • I am thankful for three very special daughters-in-law, whom we call “daughters-in-love”. They have become outstanding women.
  • I am thankful for my beautiful wife, Gevena, whom I have been married to for 51 years … and she is still putting up with me!

God! I am thankful for our very good health. We have been remarkably healthy. I call it a State of Divine Health.

  • I am thankful for good parents. They did their very best. Mom kept her vows to raise me as a Man of God, and I gladly accepted that role, even as a child.
  • I am thankful God loved me first. Before I was born, God loved me.
  • I am thankful for God’s calling upon myself. I feel so honored that I serve my Jesus as a soul winner, Pastor, Missionary, etc. I have now pastored churches for 50+ years. I love what I do, and I feel so specially chosen by God.
  • I am thankful for my wife, Gevena, who has never said, “No,” when we needed to leave a pastorate, or go to some far off country, eating whatever, sleeping where ever, preaching to crowds of 2-3 or to 1000’s.
  • I am thankful for all the miracles I have been blessed to be part of — Seeing people who have been miraculously saved, healed, and delivered from demonic power.

Church Family! Without a doubt, I declare we are so rich because of the people we have pastored down through the years. The difficult ones have been like irritating sand in the shoes, but they have helped to wear away the rough edges of who we are as people. There have also been amazing heroes of faith that have stood beside us, and encouraged us, prayed with us, and loved us.

You! How can I express how grateful I am that you are in our lives. You make us better people. Truly, we are so blessed because of you! And, you have put up with all my corny jokes. Which reminds me …

Why did the turkey cross Highway I-25 during rush hour?

He wanted to prove that he wasn’t a chicken!

Pastor Stan