“So Many Things …”

“So Many Things …”

Today at the conclusion of the morning service, we will have a table set up with a cake that says, “Praise the Lord!” We want you to be aware of this latest miracle the Lord has given Living Waters Church.

Connie Salazar spoke with me concerning this miracle: “Many of our pastors who have served this church over the last 20 years have attempted to sell the excess property that the church owned. None were successful. Truly,  what we have witnessed on July 2, 2020 is a miracle. It had to be God’s timing for this to happen.” I totally agree with Connie. It was a “God produced miracle to see this property sold.”

Please join us for a piece of cake and a short time of fellowship and celebration of joy. Truly this was a “Simple matter in the sight of the Lord!”

So many headlines seem to grab my attention lately:

News Stories 

  • “You can go to church, but you can’t sing in church,” says Governor Gavin Newsom from California.
  • Pope says: “Let us have a multi-faith prayer meeting! You pray to whatever god you choose to pray to, and we will pray to the god we choose to pray to.  We are uniting ourselves as one religious body. A massive unity of religious circles!”
  • Former Democratic Vice President and current Democratic nominee for President of the United States: “When I become President of the United States, I am going to radically change the way our government works.”
  • A reliable modern day prophet has said, “The Holy Spirit has revealed to me, that if the United States Christians continue to humble themselves and pray for revival, we will see God send that revival. God will give us a mighty move of God in the months to come.”

Pastor Stan comments on the news above: “Christians must defy total discrimination against orders that defy our right to worship. We must understand discrimination. When the US governors allow mob rioting in the streets, but try to shut down a church that wants to sing praises to God, that is unacceptable and un-American. A Pope that is working for a “One World Religion” is a sign of the last days before Jesus comes back. BE VERY CAREFUL to understand the threat of a declared Presidential candidate that says he is going to transform US government.  The opposite of Democracy is Communism.  

Just Sayin’,

Pastor Stan