“Shall the Mob Rule?”

“Shall the Mob Rule?”

We have seen such incredible chaos as Justice Kavanaugh was appointed and ratified to serve as a Chief Justice of our Supreme Court. The question struck me this morning, “Shall the mob rule in the USA?” The answer to that question lies squarely on the shoulders of Christians. That answer is, “It depends on how deeply Christians care?  Will they care enough to pray and to VOTE?”

Rioting is nothing new:  It is often referred to as a “Spirit of lawlessness.” I remember other mobs in the Bible:

    • Korah rebelled against Moses with 250 leaders.  God settled that one! The ground opened up and swallowed those rebellious people, after Moses fell on his face.
    • Jesus faced the mob. On one occasion the Bible says, He (Jesus) passed right trough the middle of them. Then Jesus faced the mob as Judas and company came to arrest him.
    • In Acts 19 Paul had cast a demon out of a young lady. “Now when they heard this they were full of wrath … so the whole city was filled with confusion.”

Jesus spoke of the increase of wickedness in Genesis 6:11. “The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.“

This spirit of uncontrollable rage is a mark of last days, but it is not new. It is an old spirit. Its rampage will increase towards the end of time before Jesus returns.  It is the spirit of the antichrist.

How shall Christians react to this? As Moses and Aaron fell on their faces in prayer (not fear), we will only combat this evil as we intercede before the Throne of God. Going to a mob site and holding up an opposing placard will do no good. How do you reason with people who have exchanged sanity for rebellion? Wicked men wait for opportunities to pay a mob without reason to start violence,

We can intercede. We can place a spiritual blanket over our entire world … you know, “Plead the Blood of Jesus.” We are not taught as Christians to lay down as lambs, but to fight back against the insanity of sin and rebellion in these last days by interceding for righteousness, reason, and rule of God’s Spirit.

Let Us Go Forth Into Spiritual Battle as Warriors!

Pastor Stan