“Resurrection Event!”

“Resurrection Event!”

The Resurrection Event should be the biggest headliner ever! Can you imagine the local Jerusalem Post newspaper reporting on the event of Jesus’ resurrection?

Jerusalem Post Articles Regarding Jesus’ Death and Resurrection:

  • ARREST! Jesus Christ arrested for crime against the Temple Priests!
  • BETRAYAL! Former disciple, Judas, paid 30 silver coins to find Jesus.
  • SAY WHAT? Violence against arresting party by disciples of Jesus.  
  • HEALED! Disciple Peter chops Malchus’ ear off, BUT Jesus restores his ear???
  • HEROD TRIAL! Jesus refuses to do a show-off miracle for Herod.
  • NOT GUILTY!!” Declared Pilate.
  • Blood Thirsty Jews demand the death of the King of the Jews!
  • King of the Jews … Savagely beaten, whipped, interrogated.
  • A Crown for King Jesus! A brutal crown of thorns was savagely pounded into the skull of Jesus.
  • “Father Forgive Them!” Declares Jesus, the King of the Jews.
  • Jewish Religious Leaders: “Jesus is not our king!”
  • “It is Finished” or “Telastai” Screams Jesus: Was Jesus screaming out “Paid in Full?” What does that mean?
  • Unbelievable! Reports of people coming out of graves???
  • “No One Ever Died Like That! We Just Killed An Innocent Man!” Declares soldiers in charge of crucifixions.
  • Joseph of Arimethea buries Jesus’ Body!
  • Buried with Warnings! “I shall rise again!” claims Jesus.
  • “Make that Tomb Secure!” warns High Priests.
  • “Where is HE?”  
  • “HUSH SCANDAL!” Claims are being made that soldiers guarding Jesus’ tomb claim they were accosted by ANGELS? What is going on??
  • Graveyard Gardener declares: “Mary, I am HE!”
  • FOOTRACE FUN! Disciples John & Peter race to Jesus’ Tomb.
  • Folded Napkin? There was nobody in that tomb, but the head cloth was folded!
  • Chef Jesus? Stories are appearing that Jesus cooks breakfast for His Disciples.
  • Jesus is GONE? What is going on? Rumors have it that Jesus is missing from His tomb and some claim Jesus went up into Heaven?

What headline could you add to this story?

Pastor Stan Rutkowski