“Questions Answered …”

“Questions Answered …”

“I don’t understand why we can attend a Spirit-filled church, yet so many are depressed and listless.”  

I received a call recently from one of our former parishioners from New York City, who now lives in Las Vegas. She recently moved into an independent retirement complex where they serve three meals a day in a large dining room and provide other activities, yet residents must be able to live independently, without the need for medical assistance. To Jo’s delight, they even have a Pentecostal church service each week, with a Spirit-filled Pastor. She called me asking this question:  “How is it that people who are supposed to be Pentecostal can shout and dance in the Spirit in church yet act so depressed and gloomy the rest of the time?” I answered her this way explaining to her that:

Many of her fellow residents are walking pharmacies. They are victim to all the side effects of the drugs they have in their system. Sad to say, many (not all) physicians do not take time to consider what prescriptions other specialists are giving them, and how the mix of those different drugs are reacting in a person’s body. In defense of doctors, many are given a specified amount of time they can spend with each patient. They don’t have time to review meds. Many patients don’t give a complete list of prescriptions they are taking. Likewise, many people don’t want to live with any pain, so they run to the Doc for every ache and pain, rather than relying on Jesus to heal them.

Many people who attend a Pentecostal/Spirit-filled/Charismatic church are professors of Pentecost, but they don’t practice Pentecost. What I mean by this is that many people believe in Pentecost, perhaps having once received the Holy Spirit in their lives, but they don’t pray in the Spirit = praying in Tongues as part of their daily time in prayer. Many don’t pray at all DURING A SINGLE DAY, unless it is to ask God for something they need or want. How sad. As a result, they are not full up of God’s Spirit, and they have no more spiritual power than others. No wonder the devil can easily lay his stuff (depression, guilt, isolation, etc.) on them.

Many seniors live in a state of full time depression. Let’s face it: Things are not as they once were for them. They had active lives with their kids. Their kids and grandkids are all adults and they’re busy. They don’t take much time for their parents.  Additionally, seniors have not kept themselves fit, and find TV a good baby sitter.  They watch “stuff” … news (not good) many hours a day, soap operas, and trash on TV. I’m not opposed to TV, but to not understand where the on/off switch is, is not good. They become isolated and don’t spend much time with other people.

Hopefully this will help us on the road to understanding why we sometimes are not living in victory and with a great smile on our face.

Pastor Stan