“Pull IT in, Put IT Down”

“Pull IT in, Put IT Down”

My dear friends, I feel some urgency to warn you of difficult days ahead and how we should respond to them. I have contemplated the messages I am preaching right now on “Marriage & Weddings,” as I believe God’s Spirit is directing. Believing they are directed by God’s Holy Spirit, I stand back as an observer and I’m amazed that there is an urgency to consider the last days we are in before the Rapture of the Church from Planet Earth.

Jesus’ Return is Imminent, hence, I give you a warning of what we need to be doing as a Church and as individuals. We need to “Pull IT in, Put IT Down.” “IT” has a different meaning with these two statements.

The first “IT” is a warning to be careful with your finances. Many spiritual leaders and economists are warning of impending world financial disaster. Whole countries are going bankrupt. You may wonder what that has to do with you. We (the U.S., and you as an individual) are affected by what happens in all nations. As their currencies inflate, it may cause this reaction: “Who cares?” but I warn you, it is afflicting U.S. economy! Your credit card debt is going to bite you soon. Restructuring loans time and time again only delays the inevitable. You’d better handle “IT” by paying down debt, and quit buying, buying, buying. Get some disposable cash — cash you have on hand to see you through two months of hard times. Above all, pay your tithes. Do you think God is going to bless people that rob HIM?

The second “IT” … Put your knees on the ground and start praying, fasting, and seeking God. As the last days approach, you’re going to need all the spiritual strength you can muster. We have been warned by the parable of the 10 virgins regarding the downfall of the five foolish virgins. (“Foolish” in the Greek comes from the word “Moros” or “Moron”.) The virgins had used up their supply of relationship with God, and hadn’t bothered to stay prayed up, in the Word, and giving obedience to God.  Hence, they were low on oil (spiritual relationship) when the Bridegroom, Jesus, announced He was coming right now! Jesus’ return could happen at any time. Live as if this were your last day on Planet Earth! It may be!

Pull IT in, Put IT Down,

Pastor Stan