“Poor Little Missy!”

“Poor Little Missy!”

Who is Missy? What Happened? Missy is a 24 inch tall dog. She belongs to one of my grandsons. He loves his dog. Missy is a very specialized breed of dog that is sort of rare. When they are around cattle, they are all business. When they are not around cattle, they can be a problem. Plainly, they were intended to be a working dog. If they are kept as a pet in the home, they can be a bit troublesome, because they are not getting enough work in to use their boundless energy.

Missy has horses to be around, but in her boundless energy, she ran out in the very busy road in front of her house. She was hit by a truck that was going 45 MPH. When Missy got run over, my grandson observed the whole situation. Poor Missy had road rash (deep skin wounds) from one end to the other. On top of that, she was bleeding from the head and severely limping. It sounded like the solution would be a bullet in the head, in my opinion. The dog was yelling, whining and in essence, crying. Who wouldn’t be? My grandson was quite upset … the love of his life had been clobbered!

I called the grandson and told him I was praying for his doggie. I think he was surprised I would care. My personal opinion of Missy is, she is a knot head (hasn’t been taught much, and is hard to retain what she is taught), but if she had been taught and trained, maybe she wouldn’t be a knot head. Just my personal opinion.

This morning Missy got up, and was still limping, with obvious road rash wounds, but ate food, drank water, and looks like she might be okay. In my understanding, Missy received MERCY. MERCY is defined as, “the act of withholding deserved punishment that we deserve.” In Christian terms, God does not give us the hell we deserve. The dog should have been treated to “doggie heaven,” if there is such a place. That is what happened to humanity! We have been given MERCY.  Read John 3:17.

GRACE is another matter. GRACE is defined as, “unmerited, undeserved mercy,” that can be Heaven as our home, IF we accept Jesus as our Savior. Now, Missy can’t receive GRACE, since animals don’t have souls. Jesus didn’t die for dogs. He came to save humanity from sins that would cause their destination to be a place of eternal punishment. We humans are so divinely favored! God has blessed us with both GRACE and MERCY.

Humm! I wonder … Who teaches us about GRACE and MERCY? We have God’s Book, the Bible, which is absolute truth. We have pastors, who teach us His Word.

Let Us Not be Like Poor Missy!

Pastor Stan