“Points of Interest”

“Points of Interest”

Former Baptist pastor, former Presidential candidate running against candidate Donald Trump, and now a wonderful Christian commentator brought up several points I would like to comment on in today’s column.

Governor Gavin Newsom has declared, absolutely no church services, with a very small window of days when he allowed churches to meet, then a “ZERO POLICY OF INDOR CHURCH WORSHIP” for 310+ days of 2020 and 2021. One church, Harvest Rock Church, has been fined $1000 a day because they defied the Governor’s orders. This is 2021 California!!

As I read former Governor Huckabee’s commentary, I came to the stark realization of how bad it must be for my last pastorate, Calvary Assembly (an A/G Church) in Milpitas, California during this time. The church seats 575, plus matching Christian Education facilities. There are 300 parking spaces in the parking lot. The current pastor was once my Youth Pastor while I served there as Senior Pastor.  While we were pastors at Calvary, we started a highly successful Christian School that boasts students from many varied cultures and religious persuasions. Now, it stands empty Sunday after Sunday. That breaks my heart! No amount of persuasion, including Supreme Court rulings, have opened California for worship services! ”Governor Newsom, you will be held accountable for what you are doing!”

Please pray for our California brothers and sisters. This time is so tough for Christians who love Jesus! They are under severe anti-Christian persecution!

Today I read about the underground church in China. Chinese officials are demanding that Christians worship the Communist Party, not Jesus Christ! If churches don’t display the large photo of President XI, they can be closed down!  They, too, have fought through terrible persecution that Christians have endured in that country. The current Chinese government is getting scared! The Christian underground church is growing so fast under the intense persecution that the Chinese officials fear they could be over run by Christians in this officially godless government!

What is my point? Christians, churches, and pastors may suffer greatly over the next few years. However, based on the Early Church’s rapid growth, and what is happening in China, we can expect very troubled times that will yield powerful Church in USA! History proves that is true.

On your knees, Saints of God. Let us seek God for a mighty revival in USA, as well as worldwide. I totally believe Jesus can come today, but we are instructed to be busily occupied until Jesus returns. Pray! Witness! Be faithful to God’s house.  We may not have that privilege for long.

Look Up! Our Redemption Draws Near!

Pastor Stan