“People Can Be Bright and Bubbly, Part 2”

“People Can Be Bright and Bubbly, Part 2”

Last week, I started a thought in our weekly newsletter: “People Can Be So Bright and Bubbly, but…” I would like to make some additional comments concerning people.

It is very possible that a relative, close friend, even your son, daughter, or even your spouse, can have changes in the way they think about certain matters. Changes come in the way we think and live our lives. An accident, a dangerous encounter with a human being, an encounter with animals, a sudden loss of job, sickness … any number of things may change our lives.

In our family, relationships NEVER allow disagreements to destroy the fact that we love and care for our family members. Stay in touch with your family. Be interested in their lives. Pray for them.

In church relationships, we need to get along with each other, but it should be so much more. We should love the people whom we worship with. Even more than that, we should help bear their burdens.

It is sad to see people come in late and leave early from church. They miss out on fellowship. There is a sense of belonging that is missing from people who are Christians, but they don’t attend a church. They have few people to turn to when they need a friend … Perhaps, just someone to go have lunch with, or come over to the house.


Do you really know your church family? Loving them includes: Listening to them, hearing what is important in their lives, sitting on the same row with them. It is filling a lonely moment in their lives, blessing them with prayers, and perhaps a meal on occasion; going up in the mountains with them, or any number of other activities that you could be a part of together.

Ask the questions: Is there any need that you have? Is there anything I can pray with you about? What was your week like?

In spite of all these possible activities we could do with others in our church family, we often walk alone, keeping everything bottled up inside of us. I have a question for all of us to consider: If I am going to spend eternity in Heaven with the people around me in church, shouldn’t I become good friends with them here on earth?

Let us seek to have a closer relationship

with those whom we worship with,

Pastor Stan