“Open Your Eyes — It’s Good vs. Evil”

“Open Your Eyes — It’s Good vs. Evil”

It’s not politics. It is God’s Good = “Holiness, vs Hellish.” We are battling spiritually for the soul of America. To this date, seven states have approved abortion at full term! It all started with New York. Then states in the Northeast. Virginia’s Governor, who is a medical doctor, now pushes this thought: Even if a baby is born, a mother ought to have the right terminate its life.

May I remind you, Herod tried to kill Jesus, because Herod thought a King was born amongst the Jews. So, he slaughtered all male babes under age three. It was Pharaoh who demanded Jewish midwives to kill male babes when born, so the population of Jews wouldn’t increase. He was afraid the Jews were having too many babies and would soon over run the Egyptian people. Both Egypt and Herod experienced harsh punishment from God. The Egyptian people were ruined when the Jewish people were led by God in an exodus out of Egypt. Pharaoh was personally ruined financially, his family, his legacy, and his life. He led his people in rank rebellion against God. God has warned us: “My Spirit will not always strive with man.”  Genesis 6:3 & Psalms 103:9

But, what can you/we do? You have a pulpit/platform to speak about this with conviction — Your children and grandkids … Your spouse … Your neighbors. Ask how they feel about it. Ask how they feel about infanticide.  Speak to strangers.

You can pray! Yes, I know. You get caught in the idea that if you speak out in prayer it can’t affect D.C., Congress, or Colorado State Legislators. I know you like “Little Davy vs. GOLIATH.”  Your prayers can still change our world.

Consider the other side of killing babies — the thought that: If they’re not “perfect,” then what use is that child? If that older person can’t make a living, kill ‘em! We can’t afford Social Security and Medicare in America. If they lose their mind, dump ‘em! They need extra physical care? We don’t need those in our society.

Open Your Spiritual Eyes — It’s Good vs. Evil!

Pastor Stan