“News Flash! Jesus is Coming!”

“News Flash! Jesus is Coming!”

The Bible says In Revelation Chapters  9 & 16 that during The End Times, a 200 million man army from the East will come to make war against Israel and her allies (Armageddon). They will come from China and her Allies (Russia, Iran, Iraq, Taliban, etc.). The armies will come through the Kyber Pass into and through Afghanistan and follow the dried up Euphrates River Valley across Iran and Iraq into the Middle East! One-third of mankind will die! Jesus will come back to earth physically to fight for His people and establish His earthly kingdom!  It is time to wake and know sudden change is upon America and the world. 

WHEN? Soon! Only Father knows! Not even Jesus knows.

What Makes You Think So? The political powers are aligning themselves against Israel and God’s people.  

What to look for? Nations taking sides against Israel — It is very plain in Ezekiel 38 and 39. Expect sudden and swift cataclysmic changes in the world.

All of the current happenings, including virus and the mandated protocols, plus the coming economic collapse, water shortages, and possible destruction of our electrical system around the world, are all events that are happening, or could happen soon.

It is a worrisome time to live in! However, God is on the Throne, ruling over all living things. This is not a time to fear, but a time to LOOK UP! Your redemption is nearer than you think.  


Soon, the trumpet shall sound. The dead in Christ shall rise first.  Then we who are alive shall be caught up together with Him (Jesus), and we shall forever be with Christ.

Amongst all the other emotions,

I must say, I am excited!

Pastor Stan