“My Very Mean Mom!”

“My Very Mean Mom!”

Oh, my! My mom was a very mean woman! I remember, like it was yesterday, how Mom grabbed my teddy bear from me at age five! She told me, “You are too old for that silly thing!” She promptly marched me over to the neighbor’s house and gave it to a little black boy. (He and I became good friends when he got older!)

Then there was the time at age seven that she insisted I bring the boy home from school who was picking on me … you know, bully-like stuff.  She wanted to meet him! Then she fed him a wonderful meal, filled him up with cookies for dessert, saw his britches had holes, so she gave him two pair of mine, then forced me to invite him to church. Then, we had to go meet his Momma. You know, I thought she was going to beat him up, when she asked me to bring him home. (Strange thing happened! Wes became one of my best friends! Nobody picked on me after that, because EVERYONE was afraid of Wes … and Wes became a Christian!)

At age 16, Mom made me so mad! I informed her that I could go where I wanted, when I wanted. I had my own job, my own car, and money in my pocket. She looked me straight in the eye and informed me I wouldn’t get away with that kind of talk. I Informed her I was a grown man and could well do what I pleased! Then, she fell on her knees. She cried out to God,  “God, my boy thinks he is all grown up. So, he is all Yours now! I give him back to you. You take him, and I’m just gonna pray!” That scared me and the devil so bad! Right then and there, I fell on my knees and begged God to forgive me for my rebellion. (Ya know, she was so mean, I think she scared the devil right out of me that day!)

Oh, um, yes there is one more time when my Mom’s “meanness” was exhibited! When I was 17 and had just graduated high school, she handed me a one way ticket on a Greyhound bus bound for Springfield, MO.  She said, “Son, you are a man now. Go to Bible college, and don’t come home until you have accomplished what God has called you to do!” Now I knew … I mean, wouldn’t you agree? That was the day it was confirmed:  MY MOM WAS THE MEANEST, BIGGEST, BADDEST ENEMY THE DEVIL EVER HAD!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Pastor Stan