“My Second Momma!”

“My Second Momma!”

OK folks … Christians, who are ready to defend righteousness, unborn children, and Biblical principles … Tuesday, is the day to vote. Make your way to the polls, and VOTE!  Please!!

Now, back to “My Second Momma!” I am a very blessed man. I was privileged to have a second family when I was growing up. I had a “workaholic dad” and a mom who was an awesome woman of God. What I was missing was no siblings, and a MAN of God who would teach me. That void was supplied by God, knowing I was in great need. The Lebeda family had three kids. There was Bob, who was my best friend, and his two sisters, Sue and Carol. Their dad, Jim, was a wonderful man of God, and then there was “Momma Ione.” Jim took me fishing, hunting, and was in church every service, unless his work as a contractor took him out of town.

Some might say Ione was/is a bit of a spiritual nut, but she’s one of the most spiritually fit women of God I know. At age 91, she suffers some health-wise, but all things considered, she does very well. Her mind is sharp, she’s in the Word everyday, and prays, prays and prays some more. She’ll look the devil in the eye, plead the Blood of Jesus, and refuse to take, “No” concerning those she intercedes for. The week before last, I had called her in Casper, WY (my birthplace) and spoke with her for 75 minutes. I usually just let her talk (she has the gift of gab), then I pray for her. As I hung up the phone that day, I felt impressed, “You must go see her!” So we traveled to Casper (400+ miles), spent 10 hours with her, and drove back. Long trip, but well worth it! It is so necessary for us to keep up with people who have made such a difference in our lives. At one point during our time with her, she said, “I miss my Jim. Since he died, no one ever gives me a kiss!”  Before we left her, I made sure I bent down to her small 95 pound frame, and planted a great big kiss on her forehead, gave her a hug, and told her “We love you, Ione.” She was so excited.

Perhaps today you need to look around and see someone who needs a hug, or perhaps an older one who needs a kiss on the cheek.  Human contact is so missing in this world today.

For all of you who need some affection — Kisses and hugs to you today!

Pastor Stan